About The Hurricane

Our Hurricane is built to the same high standards that Cape Dory employed thirty years ago: a hand laid laminating schedule similar to that of a much larger yacht. The deck is cored with Divinycell, and the overlapping hull to deck joint glued with a semi-permanent polysulfide adhesive. The floors and bulkheads are made from a composite material made of glass enforced urethane and , then tabbed in place to the hull and deck. These additional construction steps result in a stiffer hull.

The Rig

Our spars bear the trademark Strong Island Spars logo with pride. The standing and running rigging is made to order from the most modern materials available for a boat this size. The gaff rig itself is the only traditional part in this package; we have taken everything from cordage to hardware to another level in the search for function and form, safety and performance.

The Typhoon was often described as a boat “that you could sail upright without scaring the life out of your family or friends”. The Hurricane has preserved that tradition.


The Typhoon had a very simple cockpit design which we found pleasing.

The Hurricane’s open cockpit is roomy; six or more adults can feel comfortable and secure, nestled in the seats. The coaming is set high enough to keep the skipper and crew safe and dry. There’s ample storage under the foredeck, in the anchor locker, and the aft bridge deck.

Our cockpit sole has a step-down pan which allows for a more comfortable seat height. The coaming has been canted at the appropriate back angle and the seating is as comfortable as you would expect on a larger yacht. By fabricating the cockpit rather than installing a liner, essentially a pre-ordained layout offering little or no flexibility, we have built in the possibility of different seat configurations and trim materials. This option gives the owner some say in the layout depending on their needs or taste.

The standard coaming and seats are mahogany, but teak is available as an option. Toe and rub rails are always teak, left unfinished. The cockpit sole is also wood, either mahogany or teak, and beautifully cut to our unique pattern.

Simplicity in Finish and Maintenance

The degree of finish is up to the owner: whether varnish or bare wood, we have carefully chosen the species and fabrication that will endure the weather. Our wood work is properly bedded and fastened. Epoxy adhesive is used for laminations. We recommend the degree of finish that suits the owner. While the Hurricane may perform like a yacht, she does not have to have the maintenance of one. Our goal is to get sailing, have fun and create lasting memories.