Hurrican SloopThe original Alberg hull was purchased by Andrew Vavolotis in the late 1960’s and manufactured as the Cape Dory Typhoon. Of the nearly 2000 world-renowned Typhoons sold, it’s worth noting that only a hundred or so were built as the open cockpit versions. Nauset Marine of Cape Cod acquired the Typhoon mold in the mid-80s. But it was years later, when Merv Hammatt of Compass Classic Yachts, brought new life to the design. Hammatt made some modifications to the hull which transformed the Typhoon into the Hurricane, a keel/centerboarder with a lower freeboard and draft. The cockpit remained open and a gaff rig replaced the original Marconi main and jib.  Only twelve were built before Hammatt retired, but that was in a three year period.