Wooden Boat Restoration

I have over forty years of experience maintaining, restoring and repairing wooden boats.

As the owner of a 1958 42 foot Matthews, I have a good understanding of and appreciation for the work, detail and attention required to properly maintain these classics. Over the last five years I have done extensive restoration on the boat, including replacing rotten planking, rubrails and a large section of the foredeck, as well as customizing interior finish carpentry.

I take deep satisfaction on working on classic wooden boats and bringing them back to life.

Last year we finished a complete restoration of a 1949 Spaulding Dunbar Whistler class sailboat, replacing all the frames, floors, decking and re-caulk all the planking. Other recent projects include a 1930′ Spaulding Dunbar Cat About class sailboat, in which we refastened, re-caulked and re-finished the hull.